Freedom of Choice – Venezia september 16th 2017 – A bridge for freedom


On September 16th., 2017, Venice and Veneto Parents, supported by Corvelva, an association cooperating with parents on free vaccinazione choice since 1993, want to raise a ‘cry’ to Europe, a cry for Freedom.

It will be a protest against the law imposed by the Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin, with the participation of the Court of Justice and the Geneva Court of Human Rights (….),sister cities Berlin and Aosta, EFW (….) grouping other different European associations, European and extraEU free vax, including many active and renowned Italian associations and movements. Important guests such as Sara Boo – President of National Health Federation Sweden (NHF Sweden), Mary Pasteur from France, Scott C. Tips – President of National Health Federation of California, Ambra Fedrigo – young mother and director to docu- film ” Il ragionevole dubbio”, Gianni Lannes – journalist , Marcello Pamio – opinionist and Ferdinando Donolato – President of Corvelva, will be intervening.

The guest list will also include doctor Miedico and doctor Rossaro, who have been struck off because of their critical views on global mass vaccination.
The demonstration will start at 16.30 in front of the railway station Santa Lucia and will make its way through Campo Santa Margherita, Zattere, San Basilio, to end with a ‘candle lit procession for freedom’ at Santa Maria della Salute, a meaningful place for Venice. A unique opportunity to show Venice, Italy and the world that our children’s health cannot be jeopardized by misinformation. We have the right to be free to make an informed, conscious choice.